Horseshoe falls

Facilities & Structures

Events Pavilion 2400 square ft., climate-controlled main hall with elevated stage equipped for a band.   In addition, it has an 800 sq. ft.. entry foyer, two dressing rooms and large men's and women's restrooms.   Also included is a 3000 sq. ft. terraced patio overlooking Sulfur Creek.   The main hall can be used for wedding's, private or corporate events, or family get togethers.   It can seat up to 150 people around dining tables.   The outdoor patio can also be set up as a reception or dinning area.

Outdoor Reunion Table- Table built by CCC able to seat a minimum of 60 at 1 table.

Tree House on property gives you a birds eye view of the cabins, lodges and river.

Dog Kennels provide outside runs and are covered to protect dogs from the elements.  Personal and Hunting dogs are welcomed.

Hunting Blinds positioned throughout the property are supplied with chairs, covers, and doors to close blinds from the elements.  Even the option of a luxury blind that provides a heater.

Stone BBQ pits, couches, tables and benches are scattered all over the property reminiscent of the fact that this was once a state park.

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